Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Charged Perspectives on Yu-Gi-Oh!

Welcome to The Ions - a blog site dedicated to helping you become a better Yu-Gi-Oh player, one post at a time!  This site will feature articles on how to improve in-game playing, buying, selling, and trading cards, succeeding in large events, and other assorted topics.

Our goal is to help players understand what it takes to improve their game: topics such as card advantage, playing conservatively, making the right main (and side) deck choices, mapping turns, and predicting cards.  All of these will be covered eventually by our two main writers: Ms. K and Dr. House.  Additionally, we'll feature guest writers to get some other perspectives in.

This site is intended for competitive and casual players alike, so readers in all audiences are welcome (though we do often put an emphasis on the competitive player).  Be sure to check back often; new posts appear frequently!

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